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In 2014, Maulin Parikh started a company to break the mold of standardized websites and made it his mission to design websites and digital solutions that would help grow businesses online. Seen Clear has and will always continue to keep the focus on results-driven work, bringing together creativity to enhance business growth, and performance guarantees.

At Seen Clear, we pride ourselves on being able to design websites based on our clients professional image, as well as tailor them to market services and bring new customers. What separates us from everyone else? It’s the culture and dedication we put forth in the work we provide to our clients. Unmatched creativity and obstinate passion to achieve perfection are the qualities you’ll find within our company.

Why Seen Clear?

Our mission is to provide our clients with world class service focused on enhancing their professional image and business growth. Websites will always be fully responsive so your content will always look good on any screen size or mobile platform.
Client orientated. Performance driven. We establish an easy platform for client ease and functionality of their websites so you can worry less about the design and focus on the opportunity to showcase your content.
Our clients hold us responsible for the work we do and the timelines we provide. We’re proud to say we have performance guarantees to meet those deadlines. You’ve instill trust in our company and this is small way for us to say thank you.
Not everyone is looking for a custom tailored e-commerce website and that’s perfectly fine. Having an online presence whether you’re just a local shop or franchise is key in order to grow your business. We provide budget friendly websites for our clients who are looking to establish a portfolio or just information regarding their businesses.

Our Crazy Skills

Web Design 90
Graphic Design 85
WordPress 100

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